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WebHost Your Own Sip and Paint Paint Party - Art Fun Studio Planning a family, friends paint night? Host the event in our studio or a location of your choosing. This one has a great story. WebSome classmates and I are hosting a sip 'n paint fundraiser this Sat. WebThis Sip & Paint is all about kicking back and letting loose. HINT: Trust me on this, USE CUPS WITH LIDS. However, the events typically follow the below structure:i. WebHosted in top-notch, unique venues, Instructor Jessica's paint and sip sessions are full of spirit and socialization as guests paint masterpieces with ease while relaxing with friends 3.3 Check local regulations. Heres a step-by-step guide on how to host the most colorful sip and paint party. Handpicked invitations for your special day. Paint the birthday boy/girl, bride and groom, or another guest of honor. WebPaint and sip events are a great way to bring together people for a fun, social event in support of a great cause. Look for a red blend wine that features this as the main grape and your will have a wine that is wonderful by itself or pairs with steak, chicken or fish. Dont want to spill paint or wine on your favorite dress? One of our local artists will guide the group through every step of the painting. From behind the television screen, they seem like a blast. The first step to hosting a colorful sip and paint partyis choosing the venue and style of your event. It doesnt matter how the art turns out! WebOur simple and straightforward packages include everything you need to host a great event. Leave all of your worries in the car as you walk into a free-flowing space full of painting and music complimented by taco and margarita specials from Tatas Tacos. All you need to do is to understand the needs of your invitees, choose a suitable theme, and then make arrangements for the paints and drinks.ii. Finger food goes hand in hand (no pun intended) with sip and paint parties. Check this out- Pre-Drawn canvas! Sip and paint parties are an excellent way to have fun as you get your creative juices flowing. Not everyone will sit the whole time, I personally am a stand and paint type, but for in between conversing and hanging out, chairs are very necessary. Hi! Now its time to have fun with your guests! with a unique twist: we will be UPCYCLING pre-owned art! Set out a plate of pretty fruit, pose your dog, or use the party as an excuse to buy a truly massive flower arrangement. For larger groups- like 7-12 people- buy a second tube of any prominently featured colors. Definitely worth the investment! You can choose from a traditional blank canvas and have a tutorial in mind for what you would like to paint together. YES! This month it was my turn to host book club, so it was the perfect opportunity to plan something fun! While paint and sip is a theme in itself, there are many paint and sip ideas that invite creativity and play in an adult-friendly format. I found a fabulous kit on Amazon >>><. WebPainting Party Invitation Card, Sip and Paint Invitation, Wine Invitation, Fundraiser Invitation, Wine Glass Invite, PRINTED WITH ENVELOPES. As weve already pointed out, there are several reasons to host a sip and paint party. The attendees quickly make each others acquaintance, during which drinks and snacks may be served.iii. With simple step-by-step instructions and the personal guidance of your Guide, you and your friends will have crafting success! How Sip and Paint can be Beneficial Patrons at a Sip and Paint Event Sip and paint is a new type of painting class that is becoming popular in many cities. Get in touch with us to start planning your paint party today. ), my 6 step guide to hosting and this simple one-stop shopping list, you can host a paint and sip party in your home that will keep your guests recalling it fondly for years. Hawk-Hill.com is reader-supported. 3.2 Find the right location. 2 Choose your painting. Participants can enjoy hand-crafted cocktails, small plates, wine and more while they learn how to paint a spring scene. I actually own 2 of these fold out 6 foot tables for special occasions at my house. Some of the top occasions you might consider hosting a sip and paint party include: Bridal shower Baby shower Birthday parties Couples parties And is it delicious! One more color to add to the paint and sip party, and ross are that interesting grouping of grapes because of their gorgeous hue. 4 You advertise the fundraiser, and well show up with the fun! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 2.1 Select your art theme 2.2 Choose your medium 2.3 Pick a date, time, and platform 2.4 Book your class and specify the capacity 2.5 Get supplies 2.6 Set up the painting zone/ corner 2.7 Ready, set.. Gogh! Art studios across the country are now hosting these gatherings, inviting people to draw and socialize while sipping on a beverage of their choice. Step-by-step instruction included in the price along with all the painting supplies. WebThere are several Paint & Sip studios in the Metro Detroit area, but we believe ours is the best! To achieve this effect, youll use your large or medium brush to mix the paint a little at a time. This idea can be combined with any of the other paint ideas here. Excuse me? The business model for paint and sip studios can vary a bit. You can rent tables from a local rental company. You can get large sets on Amazon like this one>. The same time span is recommended if planning to host the party online. The last thing you want is the leader pulling out a supply you dont have, or completing the painting in a way that only advanced artists would be able to follow and enjoy. Now, heres the fun part of this wine, it is usually a blend. However, do not let the name throw you off. Instead of hiring a painting instructor, you can simply set up your television screen to project video tutorials of the various painting projects youve lined up for your guests. Do the same to the floors. Paint and sip parties are also relatively affordable. Most chairs cost less than $2 per chair. Alternatively, you can hire a local venue for a small fee. 3. They are easy to blend, quick to dry, and relatively budget-friendly. By setting a timer and passing canvases every minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes, you can refocus guests on letting their creativity flow, enjoying time together, and not focusing so much on the end result. WebNot only do they host our paint and sip parties and other creative events, but they can plan them toofor in-person, virtual and on-demand audiences. 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Follow these simple steps to host a paint and sip party for adults to ensure your event is unforgettable. There are a few different ways you can approach this step. Paint and sip parties usually take place in art studios or bars with studios. If this is the case, ensure the setup allows every guest to get a good view of the example. The key to making those waves look realistic is to start at the bottom, making your strokes smaller as you get closer to After all, between the refreshments and any rogue paint splatters, you may need to do some tidying up at the end of the event. Wine in a can? Panic! -1 Likes, 1 Comments - IOT Youth Leadership, Empowerment + Development (@iot_itsourturn) on Instagram: IOT Fundraiser: Sip N Paint for a Cause Thank you to all the Volunteers AND Donors who showed Register as a Premium Painting Party Member. One challenge when hosting a paint and sip party is that some partygoers will experience anxiety about how their painting will measure up to other guests art. If youre hosting the night, consider buying a variety of wines and other beverages for your guests. Custom playlists, tailored to your party. But, did you know that you can host a perfect sip and paint partyall by yourself? Lets look at some reasons you should host a paint night for your next fundraiser. Learn how your comment data is processed. This will be a central place where participants can not only register, but stay updated on the who, what, and where of your event. Beginner-friendly images featuring primary colors are a great choice for these events. Each work station should have the following items: canvas, jar of clean water, paint brushes and a paint palette. Step-by-step instruction included in the price along with all the painting supplies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. I will go ahead and mention my favorite brand of this varietal because of why this is specifically my favorite. Now you dont have to worry about what youre going to paint or coming up with something. Once you find the perfect venue for your event, contact them and discuss their availability and how you can work together to host a paint party. Once your paint-along setup is ready, you can set up your sips. If youre going to pair a Simply play one of Rosss videos and enjoy the relaxing experience. Whether you opt for acrylic flower paintingor choose something more elaborate, you may want to prepare food that is easy to munch on without creating any mess. Moreover, you can check out my Beginner Painters Starter Toolkitfor more tips and advice on how to paint. Set up your stream and follow along with your guests. Painting Party Invitation for Art Party, Cocktails and Canvas, Paint and Sip, Paint Studio Fundraiser or Wine and Design. You can take advantage of the affordable painting workshops to learn a thing or two about the art of painting. (If you go this route, remember everyone will have to purchase their own supplies or youll need to send a package of supplies a week or more in advance). When choosing a location for your color and sip. Article from . Then dab your You wont get very far with a paint and sip fundraiser without anything to paint with or sip on! An acrylic paint set to share You will be instructed to paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in a super fun and judgmental free environment! We require payment for a minimum of 10 painters to reserve a private room. Hairdryers are a perfect tool for that. :]. The first four items on this list are the paint and sip party supply essentials: paint, brushes, canvases, and water cups or jars. for Painting and Pints with Instructor Jason and explore captivating mediums, brushstroke techniques and more in a paint and sip class that is ideal for beginners, experienced painters and everyone in between. Moreover, dont forget to serve tea, coffee, or soda to friends who may not want to indulge in alcohol. You may be wondering if a paint and sip fundraiser is right for your specific organization. Remove all liquids and dump them into the 5-gallon buckets. 3.4 Invest in painting supplies. Prevents over-indulgenceWith a paint and sip party, you dont need to worry about getting wasted. Paint and sip parties are group events, hosted in someones home or sometimes an art studio, that involves a group of people painting together, usually painting variations of the same image. What do I love about it? WebHow to Host a Paint and Sip Fundraiser: 5 Steps Ready to plan a paint and sip fundraiser? About this event. Use a Web2. WebThis Sip & Paint is all about kicking back and letting loose. Hosting any party can be a challenge, and paint and sip parties require more than the average amount of prep to go smoothly. Get a fine point, medium, and large flat acrylic paintbrush for each table. Want a more high-octane sip and paint experience? Sip and Paint Tip: Everyone likes Starry Night and Sunflower. On a budget, youll be tempted to buy the cheapest paint available- but I recommend against it. Youll need a space with a large open room where every participant can be set up with their own stool and easel. Last but not least, remember to make the instructional area visible from each workstation. Food and drink will be available for purchase only. Hosting a DIY paint party from scratch will involve a little legwork on your behalf, but if you like to shop and grab various items based on a custom painting tutorial you like, this is the method for you. But youll also need space for servers to circulate throughout the night, passing out beverages and treats. If your guest of honor has a good sense of humor and your artist-guests can enjoy the unique delight of making truly terrible art, painting the guest of honor can be a hilarious paint and sip party idea. Since you will be hosting this gathering at home, you will likely be able to carry on the event for a few hours. Whether you choose an e-vite, Facebook event, paper invitation, or even group chat, make sure to give your guests plenty of notice. Check out all the options on Amazon>>> Pre-drawn Canvas Options. Yes! Simply create an account and you will be painting with PaintingParties.com in just minutes. 2 hours 30 minutes. Its always fun Not just out at a studio but in the comfort of my house with my best friends! If you are following a video, set up a large screen everyone can see. If this article saved you time or money, please consider donating $1 to help me cover the cost of hosting this website OR If you appreciate this information and want to throw a Thanks! my way by buying me a coffee I would Of Course appreciate it! Enjoy flexible scheduling. Here's how to make yours great. Seated around a big table with adult beverages, paint supplies, and a canvas- even introverts can enjoy this fun party idea that takes some of the stress out of post-pandemic social engagements via a shared activity. The This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. For virtual corporate events, visit our corporate events page. Plus, you get to sample a variety of wines and other beverage drinks. We also have 3 giveaway basket opportunities. With good planning and set up, you can pour yourself a drink and settle in front of your own canvas to enjoy the party. Getting everybody set up and ready to go should be fairly easy. However, ensure you send out messages to the specific people you intend to invite as opposed to making a public post. Sip and paint parties are meant to be fun and creative. Encourage extra engagement by asking supporters to post pictures of their creations on social media using a dedicated event hashtag, or, if youre livestreaming, make sure to encourage participation in the virtual chat throughout the night! Get in touch with Nexus to discuss sponsoring one of our listings. Buying the cheapest brushes available will have a negative impact on the final product. Well talk about paint supplies a little later. Instead of a plain and boring invite, why not try the following phrases? Come, sip, and paintWine not? Come get your creative juices (and lots of booze) flowing! Wine not join us on our next sip and paint party?Besides playing around with words, another way to send creative sip and party invites is by choosing a suitable medium. In most cases, your house or backyard will suffice. In most cases, these sessions are either free or reasonably priced.Versatility is another notable benefit of paint and sip parties. This is my favorite- House Wine Ros Bubbles. And finally, invite a few friends over (or have a double date) to get the party started. The perfect, easy, crowd-pleasing, paint and sip table wine in my opinion. There is no sip and paint partywithout drinks! You may have a small group that can all fit comfortably at a dinning room table or kitchen island. Here are just a few reasons to give Tipsy Ypsi a try over one of the chains. (It may also work for 5-8 artists if you purchased very small canvases). Here are the materials youll need for a successful event: Recruiting some sort of art instructor, whether that be a well-known local muralist or a university or high school art teacher, will be key to the success of your event. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. EdenCreativeStudio. No, not white zinfandel from a box (that does makes great sangria). 3.1 Consider a niche. The first is by playing around with the wordings. Readers, do you have any favorite topics / posts? document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. terrible.) If you dont need live artist guidance, you can purchase our art kits and have your You can also learn a tip or two about the art of painting.iii. PaintNite.com is in a league of its own. Many charge a standard fee for Help partygoers relax and enjoy painting by emphasizing that its ok to make mistakes or not paint well- making art together- even bad art is the only point of the party! Some of the top occasions you might consider hosting a sip and paint party include: Bridal shower Baby shower Birthday parties Couples parties Housewarming parties Team building sessions Fundraising events. What would you like to read more about in the future? While the idea of wine may sound grand and pompous, its possible to plan a sip and paint party without breaking the bank. Leave all of your worries in the car as you walk into a free-flowing space full of painting and music complimented by taco and margarita specials from Tatas Tacos. Reserve seats Private Events Put in charge of planning a corporate event, group celebration, or kids The fun continues as everyone indulges in their favorite drinks while freely socializing with each other. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. The surplus stations will take care of any uninvited attendees who may choose to tag along. This method will be more difficult than the traditional paint-along, but it can make for lots of fun and a few laughs- especially if your guests can embrace translating the still life into silly, fun, or even abstract representations. Heres another place where you can look for more sip and paint party ideas or this big list of 60+ painting ideas (most are sip and paint friendly). Host the best night ever! This way, you can make more money when supporters purchase additional supplies or refreshments! If your paintings turn out gorgeous, take pride in them. For example, you can either buy everything yourself or distribute the list of supplies among your friends. The #1 most common question about paint party supplies is how much paint should I buy? While the answer may vary depending on the intricacy of your piece and the size of your canvases, there is a rule of thumb you can follow: If you are using medium quality paints (Liquitex basics, Golden Open, etc) plan on about 1 oz per person for the most heavily featured colors (like backgrounds, blocking water scenes, sky, etc) and .25 oz of each paint color per person for other colors. c) Social mediaYou can also invite people to your next sip and paint party via Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking platforms. Your guests hands will be busy creating art! Each person should have 0.50 oz per color available. How do I host a Virtual Paint and Sip? Feeling Nifty is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Once you decide to host a paint party, the first thing you should do is select a venue in your area. Ideally, every workstation should have the following items: A table A chair or couple of chairs if you wish to have the painting sessions conducted in groups Wine and wine glasses Party foods and snacks (you can make provision for these on the morning of the event in the case of perishables) Canvas Paintbrushes A paint palette Paper towels A jar of clean water Aprons HairdryersNOTE: Its recommended to place the paint in the middle of the table so that everyone can access it with ease. They are big enough to write all the information for the party onto, and it shows a fun quirky take on the soiree. It is sparkling and sweet. A Paint and Sip party is not a competition or an art class, emphasize this during the planning and inviting phase in order to welcome self-conscious painters. When blends are created, the take the different grapes to bring a lovely balance to the wine. You want your guests to have fun! Typically, sip and paintgatherings involve a professional artist teaching attendees how to paint. 1. For palettes, where artists can mix paint, you have a choice: you can either purchase paint mixing palettes at a relatively inexpensive price, use paper plates, or cover reusable plates in Glad Press-and-Seal for easy cleanup. Your Gallery Guide will bring the paint, hammer, glue and all supplies needed to put the ART in your pARTy! 4.) Cosco 14678BLK1 Deluxe 6 Foot x 30 inch Half Blow Molded Folding Table, Black, 72 (Rectangle), U.S. Art Supply Art Paint Party Set 6 Easels, Paint Tube Set, 12 Canvas Panels, 6 Brush Sets & 6 Poly Aprons Single Use, Easy Clean-Up, Tosnail 9 Tall Natural Pine Wood Tripod Easel Photo Painting Display Portable Tripod Holder Stand, 6 Pack, Flat Canvas Artlicious Canvas Panels 12 Pack 8X10 Super Value Pack- Artist Canvas Boards for Painting, 11 X 14 Inch Stretched Canvas Value Pack of 7, CENTSTAR 15 Pcs Round Paint Tray Palettes Plastic for Acrylic Oil Watercolor Craft DIY Art Painting Palettes, White, Janlynn Adult Coloring 12X12 Black & White Canvas Assortment, Wine for Beginners Guide: Drinking and Serving with Confidence, [Set of 6] Zuzoro Stemless Wine Glasses 15oz Decorative Long-lasting & Durable Wine Glass Set For White or Red Wine Great Holiday Gift for Wine Lovers, Skylety 6 Pack 12 Oz Unbreakable Drink-Ware Stemless Wine Tumbler, Stainless Steel Triple-Insulated Vacuum Wine Glass Cup with Lids for Wine, Coffee, Champagne, Cocktails and Beer (Rose Gold). It may also come in handy in case the sip and paint party continues into the night. NOTE: Whichever option you prefer between traditional paper and canvas, ensure the invitation card contains a thematic print. Pro tip: Its a good idea to load up the video and pause it at the beginning, so you dont have to scramble to find it while your guests wait. Purchase enough brushes at the highest quality you can for each painter to have one of each brush type. WebPaint and sip events are a great way to bring together people for a fun, social event in support of a great cause. ), Sweet treats (cake, pie, tarts, fruit, sorbet, etc. Those tips shall be the focus of this post. So, mistakes are totally allowed and even encouraged. Even if youre a beginner painter yourself, there are many ways you can organize a fun-filled night for you and your friends to hang out, paint, and drink. They come in handy on the regular and usually cost between $45-$60. Cheaper paints have a high water content and less pigment, which means you need to layer coats and use way more paint (and time!) This is also the part where youll experiment with all manner of painting ideas. Does your town often get blanketed in beautiful snow? An artist takes to the podium and offers detailed painting instructions. Easy to set upSetting up a sip and paint party is remarkably easy. You could also host a paint and sip party on your next baby shower, kids birthday party, or couples events. Great for self-improvementSip and paint parties are definitely more beneficial than many social gathering ideas. You can either livestream or pre-record your period of instruction with your art expert, and supporters can participate with refreshments and art supplies sent to their homes beforehand. Common ones include: Floral shapes Plants and trees Animals and insects National flags Famous personalities Emojis.